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Tips for Decorating Awkward Spaces

Behind the Door Decor

We all enjoy empty spaces when we first shift into a new house. But soon we want color in every possible nook and cranny. A place which might need your attention is the back of the door. Doors are not open all the time, and once they are closed, they leave behind a sad, empty wall. You do not need to crowd the area behind the door and make it impossible to open it. What you can do is put a hanging mirror or a wall decoration. If there is more room, you can even add a small console table. 

Styling a Corner

Corners are usually the most ignored parts of our house. Most people would fill this area with a coat hanger or something much worse like an abandoned piece of furniture. The question remains: How to style an uncomfortable corner? Use the area to hang plants or lanterns. If the corner is too small, you can hang a single lampshade with a bulb. This will give instant energy to the entire room and light it up too!

Top of a Cabinet

It can become impossible to keep a kitchen tidy. No matter how much storage you have, there will always be this random bunch of pots/pans peeking out of the cabinets. We have a simple solution that would help decorate that awkward corner and tidy up your kitchen. We often leave the top of the cabinets empty as it is super inconvenient to keep anything that would be hard to reach out.

What you could do is decorate it with your most stylish pieces of crockery. This could give your kitchen a neat look in a matter of minutes. If you do not have space on top of the shelves, you could put up some wooden shelves and decorate them using your finest dishware.


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